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The new CD "Frequency Of Love" is now available on iTunes and our Facebook shop.

"Glow" is the new single available now on iTunes in advance of our forthcoming fifth studio album Frequency of Love.

The video was filmed in the forest and prairies of northern rural Illinois by Northwoods Revolution and features hula hooping phenom, Alexis Collier a.k.a. Dizzy Dynamic.

The hoop and the tree imagery bring together sacred symbols found in cultures all over the world.


The tree with its vertical axis ascends towards the light and represents personal development, spiritual growth and transformation.


The hoop with its circular aspect represents unity, wholeness, and a deeper relationship with all life.


We picked natural landscapes, literally set up the band with instruments in a tree and featured hula hooping as musical and artistic depictions of that universal symbolism.

We hope it opens hearts to more inner joy and compassion for each other and the planet.

Please help us share the glow!







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