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All That's Left

The Giving Tree Band - Great Possesions

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Mama didn’t pay her any mind

Thought that she should bide her time

Her love was like a rattlesnake

She would warn you off so many times

And getting close was a big mistake


She headed north to Santa Fe

She knew she had to get away

Never took no one’s advice

The day that she left home

She was gone without thinking twice


And all that’s left is gone away

He never had enough to wet his taste

Though she said it was an endless well

He knew it would dry up someday


She dreams in colors greens and blues

Says they never do come true

But she forgot about the rest

She held tight to what she thought was right

And loose to what she knew was best


She said that fate was just a game

And that we all end up the same

And this was how she lived her life

It’s a wonder that she did so well

Living on the edge of a knife


She said that love was just a lie

Made up by those afraid to die

Sometimes I think she’s right

How can we let go 

When our hearts get lonely in the night


Written by E. Fink

© 2009 - Crooked Creek Records


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