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Already Gone

The Giving Tree Band - The Joke, The Threat, & The Obvious

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I’m looking for something she’s got

She’s leaving with someone I’m not

I was hoping to take her back home

But I’ll be leaving this place on my own


Has anyone seen her face?

She’s looking for another me to replace

But she’s already gone

She’s already gone


I shiver from being so cold

I’m losing all of my hope

I’ve been walking these streets all alone

I got no place to rest my bones


Spent all night catching my breath

But now I’m dropping all the air I got left

Wasting time drying my eyes

Just to bring her right back by my side


Truth is I’ve been lying on the ground

Still waiting for my heart beat to sound

Lost time won’t burden my mind

If freedom’s what I’ve yet to find


Has anyone seen her face

She’s looking for another me to replace

She’s already gone


Written by E. Fink, Andrew Goss, Woody Woods

© 2010 - Crooked Creek Records


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