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Caged Lion

The Giving Tree Band - The Joke, The Threat, & The Obvious

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Well I woke up late and I missed my chance

But I looked back for a second glance

The windmill spun and made you dance

Uh huh


Now it’s your love that I can see

And now I hear a jamboree

Shake it up baby just like sugaree

Uh huh


In these hard, hard times

Life’s deep and dark like an old coal mine

I burn both ends but I still can’t shine

Uh huh


And in these hard, hard times

They box me in like an old caged lion

Got more fences than a county line

Uh huh


Well she runs so swift if you catch my drift

The waitress came and you leave her a tip

Shut your mouth, don’t give me no lip

Uh huh


And the river rolled and the sky grew cold

Time passed by and we grew old

I guess the rest just shouldn’t be told

Uh huh


Written by E. Fink

© 2010 - Crooked Creek Records


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