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I Was Led

The Giving Tree Band - Like A Freight Train Art Work

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I’ve been loving you

When you loved me too

I’d remember what they told us

Now I recollect

That when you don’t expect

Then everything in life is a bonus


I was led to see the love

All beings feel for life

All over this world

Throughout all lands


You gave me everything

More than anything

I wanna give everything to you

When there’s happiness

We can coexist

With nothing to gain from hurting you


It’s all birthday cake

There’s those who wanna take

Even more than a feast

Well it can feed our need

But not all our greed

And that’s why some won’t get a piece


Got no time to give

There's no money left

Got no place to go

There's not much to show

Oh  darlin' tell me  my love is enough


It all comes undone

But nothing’s really gone

It’s bound by the law of cause and effect

One sin of separateness

With the blessedness of love

Making us whole again


Written by Todd Fink

© 2015 - Crooked Creek Records


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