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The Joke, The Threat, & The Obvious

The Giving Tree Band, The Joke, The Threat, & The Obvious

"The Joke, The Threat, & The Obvious"


4. JOKE; SOMETHING HUMOROUS. Belly buster or whopper, funny bone tickler, bender choker, chuckle getter, giggle getter, good one, hoot, howler, kick in the pants, laugh getter, laugh handler, rip-roarer, screamer, side-splitter, side-stitcher, (big) wow or wower. 

22. THREAT; FORMIDABLE OPPONENT. Arsenic, bidder, bitter or sour medicine, menace, poison, powerhouse, probable trouble, warning, storm in the air, (one) tough customer or proposition. 

10. OBVIOUS; APPARENT. As plain as heck, as plain as paint, as plain as plain, as plain as plain can be, a plain as shooting or writing, in plain writing, as plain as the nose on one's face, stands or stick out, sticks out a mile, sticks out all over, (dead) open-and-shut.

Written, Recorded & Performed By The Giving Tree Band

E. Fink: Lead & Backing Vocals, Guitar, Harmonium, Harmonica, Upright Bass 
T. Fink: Lead & Backing Vocals, Banjo 
P. Burke: Backing Vocals, Upright Bass, Mandolin 
A. Goss: Lead & Backing Vocals, Guitar, Tambourine, Shaker, Wood Blocks 
E. Norman: Backing Vocals, Mandolin, Piano, Guitar 
P. Roach: Backing Vocals, Violin 
S. Woods: Lead & Backing Vocals, Slide Guitar 

Vocal & String Arrangements By: 
P. Burke & P. Roach 

Also With: 
J. Jaros: Drums, Percussion 
J. O'C: Drums on tracks 1, 3 & 4 
H. Austin: Viola on tracks 5, 9 & 13 
J. Mauro: Cello on tracks 5, 9 & 13 
C. Waiselewski: Stomps & Claps 

Produced By: E. Fink 

Executive Producers: Tom & Tobi Staudacher 

Yorkville, IL: Engineered & Mixed By E. Fink at Crooked Creek Studios 

Los Angeles, CA: Mastered by Dave Collins as Dave Collins Mastering 

Director of Sustainability: Cara Waiselewski 
Art Directors: Andy Goss & Joanna Goss 
Layout & Design: Jen Husted of JIH Designs Inc.


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