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Miss You Now

The Giving Tree Band - Vacilador

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The smile you gave

It outweighed

Any pain



I said that I’d wait

And give you some space

Then you took the next train

Right outta town


But I miss you now


Like the fruit on a tree

You wanna break free

Before you’re ripe enough to eat

Now you’re lying on the ground


I missed you when I was weak

But look I’m standing up straight

And I don’t wanna wait

‘Til I fall back down


So I’m gonna miss you now


I let you go

So you know

That you’re always free


When your head’s full of doubt

And stuck in the clouds

You can always kneel


The tide of my love

Rose to a flood

And made you run

For fear you might drown


And I miss you now


Written by Todd Fink

© 2012- Crooked Creek Records


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