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Mother Divinity

The Giving Tree Band - Great Possessions

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Mother Divinity

You are the earth

I am a tree

Sprung from your heart

But now it seems I’ve grown apart

Though I’m anchored to you

Somehow I have lost sight of my roots


They say this old forest ain’t nothing but dirt

And I’ll crack and I’ll snap

And fall back in your lap

When this tree becomes one with the Earth


Mother Divinity

I am a wave

You are the sea

Just a form on the formless

With imaginary independence

Without me, you’ll stay 

But without you, I could not remain


They say this whole ocean is all your body

And I’ll crest and I’ll bend

And find rest in the end

When this wave becomes one with the sea


Your embrace is all I can feel

Your voice is all I can hear

Your face is all I can see

Your grace is everywhere


Written by Todd Fink

© 2009 - Crooked Creek Records


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