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The Giving Tree Band - Unified Folk Theory

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Well I met a sweet mama

In her hand was three dollars

She was about to board a CTA train

She said I gotta get going

‘Cause the wind keeps blowing

And I wanna stay outta the rain


So I walked down a few blocks

Where the money always talks

And the glasses fill up with wine

And they said here’s a quick toast

To the host with the most

So I got outta there in five minutes time


Oh walking these streets

Dragging these feet

Carrying my worn out legs

The bus is running late

It’s a quarter past eight

And this town’s got me pegged


Well I went to your house

Just as quiet as a mouse

About four in the afternoon

But you snuck up behind me

Said please don’t lie to me

Since when have you been wearing perfume


Now I stand trial on the Magnificent Mile

It’s so magnificent in the rain

And I’m hungry and broke

And my clothes are all soaked

And now it’s time for me to get on the train


Riding this train

Racking my brain

Resting these worn out legs

The rain overhead is falling like lead

And this town’s got me pegged


Written by Patrick Burke

© 2007 - Crooked Creek Records


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