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Ragweed Rose

The Giving Tree Band - Vacilador

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Ragweed Rose loves the spirits and the “hear-its”

Like the “he said”, “she said”, “sign of the times” and “the things to come”

She would stay up all night drinking wrongs right

Sipping elderberry wine ‘til the dawn’s early light


She would walk the streets calling out for me

But her old man’s a better man than I could ever be

She would walk a moonless mile just to see me smile

Then take the train back home again and love him for a while


Ragweed Rose won’t you come to me

She can’t be mine, but she can’t be free

So go on back home, baby

Or be alone, baby

She only loves me when I’m gone


In the spring, we’d climb the hills to watch the wildflowers grow

And Rose would love me more than I would ever know

She would dance among the pines with the flowers in her hair

And it would seem that life would not make fools of us again


I went back to see her but the hills had turned to gold

The sky had turned to silver and Rose had grown old

And the years had been so kind to Rose’s peace of mind

Loving things is easy but the time is hard to find





The Giving Tree Band - Like A Freight Train Art Work


Written by E. Fink

© 2012- Crooked Creek Records


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