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Reflections (Of My Soul)

The Giving Tree Band - Unified Folk Theory

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What do you see when you turn out the light

Your deepest thoughts through eyes so bright

And a lifetime with you in just one night

Emotions trapped that I still hold

It’s just the reflections of my soul


Tangerines and trampolines

Could it be we’re all obscene

Or could it be I haven’t seen

The true joy that pure love brings

In the shadows of my heart you will find the love I hold oh so

It’s just the reflections of my soul


I hold on tight and don’t think twice

Perhaps it’s love that is my vice

It’s the things in life that go unseen

That are better left untold

I’ve been unsung for quite some time

But it was out of my control

It was just the reflection of my soul


Light the play of the sun and the moon

My mind reflects the light of my soul





The Giving Tree Band - Like A Freight Train Art Work


Written by E. Fink

© 2012- Crooked Creek Records


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