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Riddle Of Love

The Giving Tree Band - Unified Folk Theory

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All of them sweet smelling roses

I brought to you one evening

Well they’ve all died and they wilted away

Never shall they bloom again


Just like them sweet smelling roses

Our love has wilted away

But when the sun shines in the springtime

You know they’re gonna bloom again


Many men have all tried in vain

To understand the riddle of love

But I’m willing to try once again

With the help of the good Lord above


Well I’ve been saving all of my money

And I’ve been spending all of my time

I’ve been pining over you my dear

You’re always running round in my mind


Just like the money that I’m saving

Saving all my love just for you

Looking forward to the time

We’ll be hanging ‘round just us two


Down in the hills of Virginia

Where I’m gonna go down someday

Down there I’ll build my home and I’ll no longer roam

I’ll live out the rest of my days


Just like them hills in Virginia

We’ll roll on forever more

Looking forward to a time

You’ll be hanging ‘round my cabin door


Written by Robert Salihar

© 2007 - Crooked Creek Records


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