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Rough Ride

The Giving Tree Band - Like A Freight Train Art Work

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Picking me a bouquet

Gonna bring it in my suitcase

And if those flowers die along the way

Although they might be dead and gone

My love’s still going strong

And if they don’t make it, well I’ll make it up someday


On that rough ride

You just try to hold on

All them tough times

You just try to get by

I said good God 

You get me high, girl

Won’t you stay with me until I die


Just as the Earth is held by the sky above

I will cradle you the same, my love

And if those clouds get in our way

And block out the light of our sunny day

Then I’ll meet you on a mountain to break on through


Maybe the road won’t heal my weary heart

Or maybe my heart can’t stomach the truth

But if my eyes see the sun on Sunday

Then I will be back with you on Monday

And if I don’t make it, well then I’ll make it up to you


Written by E. Fink

© 2015 - Crooked Creek Records


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