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Run Dogs Run

The Giving Tree Band - The Joke, The Threat, & The Obvious

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Run, run, you old dogs run

The moon is calling and the night is young


Lord, what did he do

He shot a man up in Tippecanoe

Wrote his wife and his father too

Said he ain’t coming back no more


Then he headed northwest to do his best

To find himself and lose the rest

But he never could quench his quest

‘Cause they came back to settle the score


Well they rob for money and they give you time

Seems like the deed don’t fit the crime

And they break your spirits and take your mind

‘Til you have no sense of freedom


The Pinkerton boys won’t let me be

And the FBI they got nothing on me

You got your friends and I got mine

And if we can’t join ‘em, beat ‘em


Now, an outlaw’s day is never done

One hand on his loot and one hand on his gun

One foot in the grave and one foot on the run

You know it’s hard to keep things together


Like Robin Hood or Jesse James

We’re taking money and taking names

And although the ends may be the same

You know the stories last forever


Written by E. Fink

© 2010 - Crooked Creek Records


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