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Soul Bird

The Giving Tree Band - Unified Folk Theory

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Guru, you are a mighty river

And I am a tiny stream

But you know the way to the ocean

So I will follow you

So I can reach the ocean too


Guru, you are the perfect tree

And I am a tiny fruit

Through your love and grace I can ripen

So I’ll remain attached to you

And grow to be a tree too


Guru, you are a blazing sun

And I am a tiny moon

It’s only your light I’m reflecting

So I bow and pray to you

That I might be self-shining too


Oh my beloved, bless me

To desire the truth 

And be attached only to you


Oh my beloved, guide me

Across the ocean of life 

To the shore of the divine


Oh my beloved, free me

From this cage of mine

So the soul bird can fly


Written by Todd Fink

© 2007 - Crooked Creek Records


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