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Sunshine Baby

The Giving Tree Band - Unified Folk Theory

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If I had me a bike

Well I’d ride and ride

And still never be satisfied


If I had me a boat

Well I’d sail and go

‘Til the wind had no strength left to blow


If I had me your love

I’d be nothing but true

‘Cause you know that is all I can do


I’d give you all of my time

For as long as I live

‘Cause you know that is all I can give


Sunshine baby oh won’t you wait for me

And how many times must I ask

Before your love is mine

And how many days must pass away

Before you treat me kind


If I had me a plane 

Well I’d fly away

Out of the sky so blue


I’d take the sun from the day

And the moon from the night

And I’d hand them right over to you


If I could live in your dreams 

For as long as they be

Well you know that they all would come true


And I’d be so low in flight

Like a moth to the light

I’d keep flying right home to you


If I had me a car

Well I’d drive near and far

If only to be by your side


Wear whatever I had

You know I’d let it all pass

‘Cause you know that it wasn’t meant to last


And the mountains may fall

And the seas dry up

As all things must fade away


So we must cherish and love

That is sent from above

Until our dying day


Written by E. Fink

© 2007 - Crooked Creek Records


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