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Take My Place

The Giving Tree Band - The Joke, The Threat, & The Obvious

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Said I wasn’t sorry

But the truth is I lied

‘Cause my tongue is always tied

Around the second story that I’ve told tonight


I haven’t got a reason

Why my mind is lost at sea

Sailing with the amputees

The missing bits and pieces

Keeping company


So take my place

And tell me all the things

I’ve yet to say


Memories are leaking

Little boy long been taught

Set to reprimand my thoughts

When will I remember

What I once forgot


Sin has been forgiven

But I’ll take what I receive

Every stem and all the seeds

The barrel’s rotten apples

Have a taste for me


So take my place

And tell me all the things

I have yet to say

Please stay

And listen to the things I’ve yet to say


Solace is collapsing

I can hear the left unsaid

And it’s furrowing my head

And I could raise a white flag

But I’ll smile instead


Written by Andrew Goss

© 2010 - Crooked Creek Records


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