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Teaspoon Of Sugar

The Giving Tree Band - Great Possessions

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They say you can’t find no gold in a silver mine

Can’t find love in this old lonely heart of mine

But if you try and see the best in me

We can find romance If you just give me half a chance


My baby gets kind of stressed when she sees a mess

In all my crazy ways, she still comes to my defense

She helps me understand the things I do

She says, “If you believe in me, then I believe in you”


Teaspoon of sugar

Teaspoon more of sugar

She gonna stir it up

And make it real sweet

Teaspoon of sugar

One more teaspoon of sugar

She gonna stir it up

And make a tasty treat


Then she take me to the bridge

She lays me down like this

Under the willow tree

I could not resist

I could not help myself


Written by E. Fink

© 2009 - Crooked Creek Records


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