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That's The Time

The Giving Tree Band - Great Possessions

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She grew up in Illinois

She fell in love with a local boy

She headed out of East Moline

For the mountains she never seen


Said goodbye to ma and pa

Who were headed down to Arkansas

Gonna meet a real cowboy someday

And that’s the time she went away


All in all, we’re all long gone

Like a river that roared its lonely call

Through the dark and cold winter nights

The sun will rise

Down the long, long road

I’ll be coming home


She crossed that river deep and wide

When she reached the other side

She felt a freedom she didn’t know

Now her nights were dark and cold


Back home he prayed to the Lord above

That he would always be in love

She couldn’t feel his warmth from miles away

And that’s the time, she did stray


He knew he best be moving on

For that fair love of his was gone

And time don’t wait for any man

Although some days, he’d go back again


Her brother took on the family farm

Never meaning any harm

The bottle never was his friend

And that’s the time, he met his end

The Giving Tree Band - Like A Freight Train Art Work


Written by E. Fink

© 2012- Crooked Creek Records


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