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The Stream

The Giving Tree Band - Great Possessions

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I wanna go where the yellow corn grows

Wanna stand in the shade of an old oak tree

I wanna go where the whistle blows

And ride that train until I’m free


I wanna go where the green grass grows

Picking cattails down by the stream

I wanna go where the river flows

And sail away right out to sea


I wanna go where the cool breeze blows

Wanna squish that sand beneath my toes

I wanna go where the pale moon glows

And lights the night so I can see


Life is a long, long dream

A dream is just a short life


My spirit hides on a mountain side

Near a one room cabin I call my own

When I climb to the top I shake hands with the sun

And we smile down at the Earth below


Look front to see my life before me

Look back to see what it used to be

A head full of plans and a dream in the hand

And the sound of a stream to comfort me


In the nighttime the sky is a silver screen

All the stars come out and dance for me

The full moon glows and the cool breeze blows me

A song from a band of coyotes


Written by E. Fink and Todd Fink

© 2009 - Crooked Creek Records


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