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Three Sisters

The Giving Tree Band - The Joke, The Threat, & The Obvious

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Mad Molly was a mean old girl

She made her way around the world

She would beg, borrow and steal


Men thought her love was heaven sent

Though her love didn’t pay the rent

‘Cause she would touch but she didn’t feel


She stole his cattle

He had to sell his saddle

Just to uphold his part of the deal


Now, her pa was a bad outlaw

He killed a man in Omaha

Just to prove that he was real


He headed down to New Orleans

Got himself a Cajun queen

And got mixed up in Voodoo and Creole


Now he’s a long, long, long way from home


Contrary Mary was a magic fairy

She flew so much that her wings got weary

She crashed down hard into a field


Farmer Freddie found her dead

He buried her in his flower bed

Just to see what she might yield


The ceremony was a two-winged pony

There was Phony Joni and all her cronies

The pot was hot and the onions were peeled


When it came time to say goodbye

Stop their cries and dry their eyes

The casket closed and it was sealed


Now they’re a long, long, long way from home


I’ve been out for forty days

I’ve been out for forty nights

Just can’t keep my hand upon the wheel


Should have kept it on the plow

That’s so clear to me now

It’s harder to fall when you kneel


And I saw things I never saw before

Their shirt and shoes were tattered and torn

And you know one side’s always concealed


Keep your mind and mind your keep

The water’s cold if you dig real deep

And the truth shall be revealed


And we’re a long, long, long way from home


Written by E. Fink

© 2010 - Crooked Creek Records


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